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Mission Statement
To be the premium provider of long distance Australian off-road motorcycle holiday adventures, while supporting those less fortunate through chosen charities.

So who or what are the Cannonball Charity Rides and what do they do?
Back in 2006, on the return from a ride to Cape York, a decision was made to go into running long distance adventure rides for those that craved adventure but were time poor and needed someone else to scour the maps to sort an interesting route, provide backup support, great catering and first class medics. All this, of course, without removing any of the excitement of riding a dirt bike (big or small) over long distances with lots of challenges This decision led to Cannonball Charity Rides - long distance, fully supported off-road motorcycle holiday adventures going to all points of the compass across Australia whilst raising funds for much deserving charities.

To date rides run include
2007 Mt Isa to Karumba -2500kms
2008 Cairns to Broome - 4500kms
2009 Toowoomba to Tasmania - 3500kms
2010 Dalby to Darwin - 4200kms
2011 Bribie Is to Barossa Valley (via King's Canyon) - 5500kms
2012 Paradise to Perth, with a bit of Bight - 6500kms

Next Ride
2013 Snowy River Country with a heart of gold - 3000kms

Participants are required to have a road registered, all-road capable motorcycle, an Australian driver's license and must obey all relevant road rules.

Where it all began
Head honcho Katie Warfield has been around long distance recreational rallies for quite a bit, as both an entrant in various car rallies (where until recently she still had her own‚ HX Holden) and as co-organiser for other long distance motorcycle rides. Katie had a desire to set up and run her own rally believing both her previous experience and own interest in such events would lead to a better product for the public. At the very core of Katie's events would be the desire to use these activities to support much deserving charities. The rides have now become legend amongst those craving adventure, with riders coming from all walks of life to participate in one of the last true adventures still available to ordinary people. A core group return every year and have affectionately become known as‚ Cannonballers. A tag worn with pride from those that have done the big ride!

The Ride
Participants pay a donation fee to the charity and one entry fee which includes all catering, organised tours, fuel, back up vehicle for breakdowns, first aid support, remote telecommunication support, camping and accommodation fees where applicable. Riders are only required to keep their own motorcycle in good repair and pay for any alcohol and souvenirs. Riders are required to have a reasonable level of off-road riding skill, motorcycle fitness and consume alcohol responsibly. Ride officials will assist where possible but do not assume responsibility for individual riders or their motorcycles. Rides are usually conducted over a period ranging between 9-13 days depending on route.